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Montreal Duct Cleaning

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Most Montreal duct cleaning businesses are not registered as air system cleaning specialists.

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Montreal duct cleaning companies have been on the rise for some time, some good and many bad –

A key factor behind Montreal’s growing reputation as a business capital is its attractiveness to start-up companies. Ranked among the top 31 start-up ecosystems in the world, Montréal offers a strong, dynamic ecosystem with targeted support from incubators, accelerators, venture capital investors and government institutions committed to the success of startups. Beyond these considerations, it is Montreal’s business environment, access to resources, and business costs that make it such an appealing place to launch start-ups. Montreal duct cleaning services have tripled in the last few years. This has called a great choice of duct cleaners but also has increased the chances of receiving sub-par service. Montreal Facebook community groups especially have been targeted by these blow and go startup businesses.

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Common Montreal Duct Cleaning Questions

What is the cost to become a Verified Business?2021-12-15T20:50:36-05:00

Currently, there is no annual fee or referral percentage to become an associated Verified Business.

How does my company become an Verified Business?2021-12-15T20:50:44-05:00

If the company has good ethics and provides professional air duct cleaning, then we are interested in having you associated with us. Simply use our contact form and provide to us the very basic information about your enterprise to get started.

Can you help me find a trusted company?2021-12-15T20:50:52-05:00

We don’t show favoritism over any company as long as they show good faith and provide professional air duct cleaning. However, we do recommend considering one of our Verified Businesses that will contact you. They demonstrate all that’s good in this industry and would appreciate your business.

Why should we trust you?2021-12-15T20:51:00-05:00

This is a non-profit organization that won’t push duct cleaning to you. If anything our goal is to state facts and let you decide for yourself if it’s something you really need. Should you decide that duct cleaning is right for you, we can help locate several professionals in your city or town at no cost.

Why do you do this?2021-12-15T20:51:08-05:00

This website is devoted to the public, to better educate consumers “if” and “should” they clean their air ducts. The increase of fake cleaners is jeopardizing the trust in the industry. Consumers are sometimes led to believe duct cleaning is a hoax. We are here to educate the consumer and help locate true professionals and experience the advantages of properly cleaned ducts.

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