Let’s Learn About Duct Cleaning

Step 5: How to Determine was it Cleaned Properly

A thorough visual inspection is the best way to verify the cleanliness of your heating and cooling system.

Step 6

You can visually inspect the HVAC system on your own

It’s imperative that the ducts are fully cleaned especially since that’s what your facility is paying for, and also because any leftover dirt accumulation shrinks the HVAC passageway, potentially lowering efficiency and raising your energy bills.

Post Air Duct Cleaning Inspection.

The first thing you should do is request a thorough visual inspection from the duct cleaning provider. Some duct cleaning companies have remote photography systems to show their customers what the inside of the ducts look like. When viewing the photography every part of the ducts should appear clean. If you can see any dirt or debris, the ducts are not sufficiently clean.

Please put the white glove away. In this type of cleaning the surface of the ducts will always remain dark and dusty looking. Should you run your finger inside the air ducts it’s completely normal to have some baked-on dirt. 

When the technician cut an access panel for the vacuum hose, you could use this cutout as a reference. Comparing the cutout hole (unclean) to the rest of the cleaned ducts.

Cleanness Verification

Post air duct cleaning verification is important, especially if you hired a lower-priced company.

Air Filter Swap

After having your air ducts cleaned the replacement or upgrade of the air filter is an important one. Once the duct cleaners have completed their job it’s recommended to double-check your filter has been swapped and is placed in the proper direction of airflow to maximize the filtration. 

Post Blower Cleaning

If you opted for a blower/fan cleaning, it should have been removed from the system and cleaned outside of your home. If you witness them cleaning as described, then they have good intentions. Should they clean within the furnace, then you might want to double-check their work. 

Post AC Coil Cleaning

When coil cleaning is
performed, both upstream and downstream sides of
each coil section shall be accessed for cleaning. Most lower-priced companies will clean from one side only. Visually inspection of the coil and drip pan is suggested with a flashlight.


Filter Wrong Direction

Air filters are found to be in the wrong direction half the time. 


Blower Dirty

During an air duct cleaning the blower fan is usually dirty 70% of the time.


AC Coil Dirty

Common during an air duct cleaning. The coil is dirty 50% of the time.