Consumer Education

Duct cleaning is not for everyone but should you be interested we’ll help educate you on the industry

5 Minutes Can Save You 100’s

Just taking a few minutes to learn about duct cleaning will save you from hiring the wrong company. Don’t have a few minutes to learn, try our 30 Second Guide.

Step 1

Do I Really Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

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Step 2

Important Things You Should Consider

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Step 3

If You Decide to Hire a Duct Cleaner

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Step 4

What to Expect From a Service Provider

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Step 5

How to Determine was it Cleaned Properly

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Step 6

What Is The Cost for Duct Cleaning?

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Let’s Educate Consumers Together

If you own a duct cleaning business and believe we need to better educate and inform consumers. Then join our mission and become a sponsor today!

“The team at DuctCleaning.Org is fabulous. They help my potential customers understand the business and to hire responsibly. We had in the last few years several shady copycats using our business name and pretending to be us. If that wasn’t enough they offer a quick 1-hour cleaning. This can hurt a companies reputation but thankfully there is this website to help educate the public.”

Darin Doucet

Duct Masters Inc. CEO

Karen Roy

Accredited Business Consultant 
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