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Improve Customer Retention and Trust.

For most decision-makers, evaluating the trustworthiness of a business is one of the first steps in making a service decision. Today and maybe more than in the past, people want assurance from a reliable third party, someone they can trust, not from friends or dated brochures, they need and want it from an unbiased third party that delivers updated relevant information.

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What's involved?

  • Does your business make a public commitment to live up to the standards of the industry?
  • Does your business focus on how businesses should treat the public-fairly and honestly.

  • Does your business stay informed and educated on the latest procedures and equipment.

  • Does your business provide only the necessary and desired services for the client.
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Should you join our mission, you’ll gain public trust and confidence from your customers with your supportive efforts and stance on cleaning up this industry plagued with fakes.

Accredited Business FAQ

What is DuctCleaning.Org?2021-01-15T17:20:27-05:00

This website is devoted to the public, to better educate consumers “if” and “should” they clean their air ducts.

Why should we trust you?2021-01-15T19:00:18-05:00

This is a non-profit organization that won’t push duct cleaning to you. If anything our goal is to state facts and let you decide for yourself.

How does my company become an Accredited Business?2021-03-15T15:32:00-04:00

If the company has good ethics and provides professional air duct cleaning, then we are interested in having you associated with us. Simply use our contact form and provide to us the very basic information about your enterprise to get started.

Can you help me find a trusted company?2021-03-15T15:32:52-04:00

We don’t show favoritism over any company as long as they show good faith and provide professional air duct cleaning. However, we do recommend considering one of our Accredited Businesses. They demonstrate all that’s good in this industry and would appreciate your business.

What is the cost to become an Accredited Business?2021-03-16T16:25:21-04:00

Currently, there is no annual fee to become an associated Accredited Business.