Do I really need an air duct cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is not for everyone. To see if this is something you need or want take a look at some details about the benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s Learn

  • Did you know they

“Might lack skill”

Many air duct cleaners are not certified as “ASCS” Air System Cleaning Specialists with NADCA.

  • Watch out for

“Bait and Switch”

Low-priced offers are based upon getting inside your home. Price changes once inside.

  • Don’t be fooled by

“Blow and Go”

This consists of the business cleaning only what you can see and then they quickly move on.

Top Mistake a Consumer Makes When Hiring a Duct Cleaning Company.

What do all consumers have in common from a bad duct cleaning experience? They found the air duct cleaner from a Facebook community group listing. Duct Cleaning Scams Cropping Up on Local Facebook Groups

If you are shopping around and focusing on locating the lowest price business you are asking for problems and putting yourself up to be disappointed.

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Let’s Educate Consumers Together

If you own a duct cleaning business and wish to properly educate your consumers on the facts and practices in the industry, we are ready to welcome them.

“The team at DuctCleaning.Org is fabulous. They help my potential customers understand the business and to hire responsibly. We had in the last few years several shady copycats using our business name and pretending to be us. If that wasn’t enough they offer a quick 1-hour cleaning. This can hurt a companies reputation but thankfully there is this website to help educate the public.”

Darin Doucet

Duct Masters Inc CEO

Karen Roy

Business Consultant
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